Important info on Mpox ("monkeypox")

What men who have sex with men should know.


  • From May 2022, there was an outbreak of Mpox ("monkeypox") mainly in sexual networks of men who have sex with men (MSM).
  • Since October 2022, only a few cases have been reported each week in Germany, mainly because many MSM have changed their behaviour and, for example, reduced the number of sex partners.
  • Mpox is not "over", infections and new outbreaks are possible - even when travelling/at events abroad.
  • The best protection against Mpox/"monkeypox" is vaccination - usually in two doses at least 28 days apart. Since autumn 2022, there is enough vaccine available in Germany.
  • Vaccination is especially important if you have changing sex partners.
  •  Detailed information on vaccination and vaccination centres can be found at


  • The disease usually heals on its own, but can be extremely painful.
  • Symptoms can appear as early as the day after infection. They usually begin within 5 to 11 days, but it can also take up to three weeks (incubation period).
  • Typical are sometimes very painful skin changes - from rashes/blemishes to nodules and blisters to pustules, sores and scabs. Often there are only a few spots, sometimes many.
  • The skin changes often start on the face, in the genital or anal region.
  • The "pox" usually heals on its own after two to four weeks, but can leave scars.
  • These skin lesions are often preceded or accompanied by general symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle or back pain or swollen lymph nodes.
  • The main route of transmission is close, prolonged skin-to-skin contact, for example during cuddling or sex - especially contact with the skin lesions or scabs.
  • The fluid in the blisters and from the sores that appear after the blisters burst is particularly contagious, as is the scab that forms over them.
  • The virus can also be transmitted through objects used during sex (e.g. sex toys) or through contact with textiles (for example, clothing, bed linen, towels) to which scab residues containing Mpox viruses adhere.
  • In particularly painful cases, pain treatment in hospital may be necessary. It is also important to prevent bacterial infections of the wounds.
  • For people with severe courses, therapy with Tecovirimat is approved.
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Last updated 9.12.2022

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