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Festivals, CSD, parties and sex: Questions & answers about "monkeypox"/Mpox

Mpox ("monkeypox") currently affects almost exclusively men who have sex with men (MSM) in Germany. Many people therefore also have questions about events such as festivals, CSDs and (sex) parties and how they can protect themselves from Mpox there. We provide answers to the most frequently asked questions here.



First things first: get vaccinated

There is a vaccination against smallpox that also protects against monkeypox. If you're having sex at festivals, CSDs or big parties, the best way to protect yourself from Mpox is to get vaccinated. The vaccine is currently in limited supply, but take care now and make sure you get on a waiting list. [more: iwwit.de/monkeypox-vaccination]

Given the current Mpox/"monkeypox" outbreak, can I go to events such as festivals, pride parades or parties?

Yes! CSDs in themselves are not an increased risk of infection. Transmission occurs mainly through close, prolonged skin-to-skin/mucous membrane contact. Therefore it depends on what you do before, during and after the CSD, at the CSD parties, in the clubs, etc. Last but not least, CSD-parades are a good and important opportunity to stand up for the rights of the LGBTIQ community, including and especially the right to health and sexual well-being. This is especially true now, when we need to fight for rapid access to vaccinations for our community.

In general, the more frequent and prolonged the close and intense skin-to-skin contact, and especially the contact with the skin lesions, the greater the risk for infection with Mpox. Therefore, most infections occur during sex. You can always get up-to-date information at iwwit.de/monkeypox.

What can I do around the visit of CSDs?

Find out about the transmission ways and protection options. Then you can decide how you want to deal with certain situations (from hugs to sex in a group). Make your own choices and respect other people's choices.

If you have skin lesions such as spots/rashes, blisters or sores (may be accompanied by fever, head/back pain, lymph node swelling), consider staying home or at least make sure that others do not have close contact with the skin lesions - for example, by covering the areas with clothing.

If you notice these symptoms after the CSD, get a medical check-up.

Can I hug or kiss other people at the CSD?

It is up to you to decide what you want to do. For hugs where you are both wearing clothes, the risk of infection for Mpox ("monkeypox") is very low. Whether skin-to-skin contact is a relevant risk during longer, more intense hugs is still lacking strong data. In general, the longer, closer and more intense the skin-to-skin contact during hugging, kissing and making out, the higher the risk of infection. 

Can I have sex during the CSD period?

Of course you can have sex. Sex during CSD time is not necessarily riskier than sex outside of that time. Find out how to reduce your risk for infection with Mpox ("monkeypox") during sex at iwwit.de/monkeypox-transmission, and then decide how you want to manage each risk. For example, condoms when fucking and gloves when fisting can reduce the risk of painful symptoms on your ass and dick.

Can I get monkeypox in the festival toilet?

As long as you don't lick the toilet seat or rub your glans on it: No.

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Last updated 9.12.2022

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