Fetish - a world to discover

Fetish: leather, rubber, whipping, fisting and much more. Often when people hear the term fetish their minds swirl with many mixed images. Everyone has his own ideas of what fetish is. But do these notions match reality?

Who knows, for example, that a piercing or a tattoo is deemed a fetish by some? Still today there are many prejudices surrounding the topic. But first let’s clear up one of the most common misunderstandings - fetish is not a question of age. Younger gay men are into many different fetish areas and even fetish clubs are currently experiencing an increase in the number of younger members. Many clubs are responding to this growing interest by offering courses on diverse fetish topics such as bondage.

Nevertheless, the topic of fetish is surrounded by a lack of knowledge and often a rejection of those who participate. The simple answer often being that anyone into fetish loves pain. Or if you have a fetish you should see a therapist. These claims are simply wrong. This website describes different areas of fetish in a factual and informal way. Here we present popular fetish practices, point out the risk of sexually transmitted infections and talk about safe sex measures.

Those looking for more comprehensive information should go to www.fetisch-ist-grenzenlos.eu (only in German). There you will find an extensive compilation of different fetish practices. This linked site has been put together by a social representative of the leather and fetish community, with whose support this site has also been created.